How to use Terrain Tinker

You can use Terrain Tinker to design your own amazing buildings and dungeons and then export the combined files or export separately as OpenLOCK tiles for 3D printing.

Watch our short video tutorial to see how easy it is to get started:

To start building:

  1. Select an available model pack from the left side bar
  2. Drag and drop a model from the left side panel into the editor on the right
  3. Position it by clicking and dragging and rotate by pressing the buttons on the top tool bar (or Q and E on your keyboard)
  4. Drag in some more models to continue your building or dungeon creation!
  5. Once you are finished, give your creation a name by clicking on "Untitled scene" in the top center then save your creation by clicking File in the top bar, then Save.
  6. Get the files for 3D printing by selecting 3D Print in the top right. You can choose to get your model as multiple OpenLOCK pieces with instructions or a single object to print. Select one then press Prepare 3D Print.
  7. It may take some time to prepare your 3D print depending on how many users are active at once. If you leave the editor open you will receive a notification once it is ready. Otherwise return in a few minutes and open My 3D Prints to check the status. (Email notifications are a planned feature as we enter the next stage of our Beta)
  8. Download your 3D files and enjoy!

When you are ready to take things further:

  • Click to select a model on the left side panel, then use the drag placement tool by clicking the grid icon in the tool bar or holding shift. Then click and drag in the editor window to place a line or rectangle of models at once.
  • Try adding a second level to your building by shifting up a floor. You can shift the currently selected model by clicking the Up or Down buttons in the tool bar
  • The height of your floors can also be changed using the arrows by the height value. (Each unit is a quarter inch with the default height of 8 being 2 inches)

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