How to export 2D top down

Export a 2D top-down view of your creation to use for maps, build instructions or play mats in a perspective or orthographic style to suit your style.

  1. Select Print in the top right of the editor
  2. Under Export 2D Top Down click the button “Create a 2D Export”
  3. Here you will see a top down preview of your creation and are able to customize some options of how it will look.
  •  Level
    Select which floor of your creation you want to create the 2D export for.
  • Zoom
    Adjust the zoom level to correct the framing of your creation.
  • Perspective View
    This view type gives you a realistic view of your creation allowing you to view details such as the walls of your models.
  • Orthographic View
    This view type gives you a completely 2D representation of your creation from above.
  • Resolution
    Choose your output resolution. This doesn't change the preview, only the final image.

Once you have customized the options to your preference click the “Render” button and a PNG image file using the name of your creation will be downloaded and ready for you to use!

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