Digital Clipping

Digital Clipping in Terrain Tinker allows you to create large connectable building parts! You can choose where you want OpenLOCK ports on the OpenLOCK Digital Faces.

This feature can be prone to bugs so please let us know what you think and if you run into any issues!

This feature is not enabled for all models and we will be increasing the number it works with over time!

How to use:

  • You can use this feature by clicking on the OpenLOCK Clip icon in the toolbar at the top of the Editor.
  • Hover over a model until white orbs appear. (If the orbs do not appear, this model may not support clipping)
  • Click on the white orb where you would like a clip to be placed - it will turn yellow to show that a clip will be placed there.
  • Keep adding clips to as many models as you like!
  • Exit the clipping mode by pressing the clip icon again.
  • The models you selected will now have their clips added in the background and be included in your exports with their clips!
  • You can preview the clips in your scene in the Print and Print Grouping screens by ticking the "Show Clips" box. 
    • Be sure to check there are no other models intersecting with where the clips will be added, or they will be filled in.

Things to remember

  • Each model can only have clips on its flat digital faces where the OpenLOCK type allows clips to exist.
  • Clipping should be supported for all of the main OpenLOCK types - if you find any that don't show the orbs let us know!
  • Clipping is disabled for some models such as scatter and roofs.
  • Models are clipped individually and then combined, so be sure you don't intersect where the clips will be added with another model.
  • Models can take a while to generate if they are being clipped for the first time. We recommend adding clips to your scene as you make it rather than all at once at the end. You will need to close Clip Editing Mode for the clipping process to begin
  • All clipped models must be completed before the actual export combination can start.

Magnetic Clips

By clicking on any clip a second time you can make them into holes for barrel magnets. The orb will change from yellow to blue to indicate a magnet port is being used. 

We recommend using two 3mm x 4mm barrel magnets - though 1/8" x 1/8" works as well. 

You can find a list of places you can purchase the barrel magnets on the Printable Scenery website.

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