Custom STL Uploading FAQ

How do I upload custom STL files? 

Open the Terrain Tinker Editor and select Upload STL from the File menu or click the Custom STL collection on the left side panel.

How do I delete an uploaded model?

Hover over the model you want to delete, click the Edit icon in the top right, then select the Delete button. This will delete it from all of your creations.

How do I get more storage space? 

If you have purchased Terrain Tinker and need more storage, send us a support ticket and we'll upgrade it for you.

What size files can I upload?

For now you can upload files up to 64 megabytes in size, and a total of 200mb. We will allow users to get more storage space in the future.

Can I make combined models with Uploaded STLs?

Yes! Be sure to check the exports in your slicing software before printing though as there may be gaps around the uploaded STLs if they don't match the size of the other OpenLOCK tiles.

My model is upside down! What do I do? 

You will need to rotate the model in some other software before importing it into Terrain Tinker. You can use Blender or MeshMixer for this.

My model is huge or tiny! What do I do? 

You will need to scale your model in some other software before importing it into Terrain Tinker. You can use Blender or MeshMixer for this.

We recommend using Printable Scenery's OpenLOCK Tessellation Templates or Sid Scale as reference to get your models to the correct size.

My models don't show up in search results, where can I find them?

For now, uploaded models are only visible in the Uploaded Models collection. You can get to this by selecting Upload STL from the File menu or clicking on the Custom STL collection in the left side panel.

My custom models are making the editor run slow, what can I do?

Custom models can be huge compared to the optimized models Terrain Tinker normally uses. The best option is to decimate the model slightly to reduce its polygon count using Blender or MeshMixer.

You can also check out our general performance tips.

We may also offer some automatic options for this in the future.

Can I share my uploaded STL files with other accounts? 

No sorry, STL files are only accessible on the account they are uploaded to.

My model doesn't line up with the grid, what can I do to fix it?

Models that have overhangs outside their base plate bounds / OpenLOCK clip area will have their center points out of alignment. (eg a Wall with a torch hanging over the clip port). We recommend not using these tiles alongside other OpenLOCK tiles for now.

Tools will be available in the future to tweak uploaded tiles and their alignment and we will post an announcement when they are ready.

Can I upload colored models?

Not yet, but we hope to add this in the future!

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