How to improve performance

Terrain Tinker is a graphically intensive application and may run slow on some computer or when complex scenes are loaded. We are constantly working to improve performance so expect it to get faster and faster over time!

If you are having performance issues, try some or all of the following:

  • Ensure Hardware Acceleration is turned on in your web browser
  • Check our Settings under File > Settings for options to change Terrain Tinker's behaviour
    • Turn off Antialiasing
    • Turn off Max Anisotropy
    • Use untextured models
  • Make sure you only have one tab of Terrain Tinker open at one time
  • Close other resource intensive applications open on your computer
  • Wait for all the models to finish loading in the side panel before trying to work on your creation
  • Save your scene then try refreshing your web browser
  • If you are creating a large building try splitting it across multiple files (one per room for example)

If you are having any major performance issues, please contact support with the following information:

  • Your PC hardware (CPU, RAM, Graphics)
    • For Windows, you can find this by right clicking the Start icon (bottom left), then clicking System.
    • For Apple, you can find this by clicking the Apple icon (top left) then clicking About this Mac
  • Your web browser (eg Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Brave or Safari)
  • The name of the scene you were working on

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