How to use Print Grouping

Print Grouping in Terrain Tinker allows you to group your creation into smaller chunks to print. This should make massive buildings easy to print on any size of printer!

Once you have finished your building and are ready to setup your print groups:

  1. Select 3D Print in the top right of Terrain Tinker
  2. Change the 3D Print type to "Single combined model"
  3. Click the button "Set Print Groups"
  4. Click "New" to add a new Print Group
  5. Click all the models you would like to include in the print group - you should see them change color
  6. Add more Print Groups as needed!
    • You can change the Print Group that is currently being used by clicking on it in the side panel
    • There are 10 color options to choose from to help see what is in each different print group
  7. When you are happy, click "Save" to return to the 3D Print screen
  8. Press "Prepare 3D Print" to start the print and wait for the 3D Print files to be prepared
  9. In the zip of your creation you will see an STL file for each Print Group and an STL file for each floor that had un-grouped models.

Grouping across multiple floors

If you want Print Groups to continue across floors, un-tick the "Split Floors" option at the top of the Print Grouping section.

If Split Floors is enabled, a print group that contains models on two different floors will be split into two different STL files.

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