Scatter Placement

What are Scatter objects?

Scatter objects are things that can decorate a room or building like tables, chairs, crates, sacks and rubble.

How do I find and place Scatter objects?

You can find Scatter objects by selecting Scatter from the Tile Type dropdown or searching Scatter in the search box.

You can place scatter objects the same as any other model, by dragging and dropping from the sidebar.
Scatter objects will try to be above the object underneath them so will move up and down as you drag them across your building.

How do I move scatter objects up or down?

You can move scatter objects vertically by holding CTRL (CMD on Mac) and scrolling. They will shift back to their default height again if you drag them over an object.

Are scatter objects combined into my 3D printing export? 

No, scatter objects are included as separate STL files in addition to your normal 3D Printing export.

No Scatter objects are showing up in my account? 

Be sure you redeemed the product on Printable Scenery and synced your account. Read more about that here

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