Printable Scenery Account Link FAQs

You can link your Terrain Tinker and Printable Scenery accounts together to access your models on both sites! 

To setup the account link, visit your Account Settings.

Any models that you own on Printable Scenery that we have imported into Terrain Tinker will be available in your account after linking.

Plus if you purchased a model collection on Terrain Tinker you can download the STL files from Printable Scenery as well.

Where do I go to link my accounts?

Visit your Terrain Tinker Account Settings to get started!

Will it be fine if my accounts use different email addresses?

Yes this will work completely fine! During the confirmation step you can check the accounts you are linking.

Should my Printable Scenery products show up in the Terrain Tinker pledge manager?

Nope – Printable Scenery purchases will not show in the Terrain Tinker pledge manager. The models you already own will show up in the Editor when we import them!

How can I see a list of the models I get?

On Printable Scenery, go to My Account in the top right then select the Pledges tab. Or click this link:

What do I do if I have purchases across more than one Printable Scenery or Terrain Tinker account?

You can only link one Terrain Tinker account to one Printable Scenery account so if you have purchases over a few accounts send us an email and we can help you merge them into one!

I backed a Printable Scenery Kickstarter and the models are not showing up in Terrain Tinker. What do I do?

You need to have purchased the models on Printable Scenery (add to cart and checkout) before they will show in Terrain Tinker.

I have connected my accounts but my purchased models are not showing up. What do I do?

Contact us here and we can help sort out any issues!

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