How does OpenLOCK Work

Terrain Tinker now uses an updated OpenLOCK system with inch units instead of letter codes. You can read about that change  here

OpenLOCK is an interconnecting tile technology designed by Printable Scenery. The models on TerrainTinker use this and the new OpenLOCK Digital format. Each tile shape has a letter code.

When building in TerrainTinker you will need to choose models of the right size so that they tessellate ( fit without overlapping) correctly. Here is an example:

You can find more example near the end of this article.

Here is a list of every OpenLOCK tile that may exist on TerrainTinker. You may not need to use all of them so don't worry about memorizing it! Just drag and drop each type into TerrainTinker to get a feel for how it works.

Some more Building examples:

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