OpenLOCK Assembly Guide

So far, we’ve covered preparing your components and painting your tiles. Now it's time to put them together! Terrain Tinker shows you how the components go together to make your structure, so we’ve come up with a few tips for when it comes to using the OpenLOCK clips in assembling your buildings.

For this we’ve got a nice and simple building with 4 wall and 6 floor tiles.

It's very important to make sure you’ve printed enough clips for your pieces to go together! It can be helpful to lay out your pieces (as pictured) and make sure you have at least one clip per join.

As a loose rule 2 clips per piece should be enough but it's always handy to have some extra, especially when doing more complicated builds.

When putting your pieces together its ideal to build them in rows going in the same direction. This allows you to fit them easily.

Avoid building part of a row and trying to fit in from 2 ways at once. This is mighty tough and could even break your pieces!

When it comes to assembling your building, build each wall into one piece and the floor into a single piece.

Then it’s time to stick the walls to the floor! It is much easier to stick the walls going the same direction on first, followed by the other walls going the other way. This means you don’t have any difficult corner joins to put together.

With the last 2 walls on our building is complete! Your building should fit together nice and tight with strong joins. If it doesn’t, take apart the culprit pieces and ensure the slots for the clips are free from obstruction and that they line up nicely. The clips should fit in firmly with a bit of pressure but not be difficult to put in.

We hope you found this guide helpful and look forward to seeing the buildings you create!

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