Preparing your OpenLOCK tile pieces

From Printed to Assembled!

So you’ve designed your structure, exported the file and printed it out. What's the best way to assemble it?!

We’ve put together a guide from our experts with some handy tips to get your building put together with a minimum of fuss.

To begin, remove the support tabs from each floor connecting piece. There are 2 per port so an A-Wall has 6 tabs per side.

Using a pair of blunt-nosed pliers, grip a tab and pull it gently to remove the piece. If there is some residue carefully clean it up with a modelling knife.

Your pieces should look a bit like this once you’ve removed the tabs:

Using a pair of OpenLOCK clips, insert them into the now open slots on one of the pieces. You should hear them ‘click!’ when they're inserted properly.

Now its time to fit the pieces together!

You should have a tight fit that is even, tight and strong. Check underneath to ensure everything lines up correctly.

If it doesn’t line up or the clips are not inserted properly it usually means there is some residue in the way. Pull apart your pieces and make sure all the areas are cleaned up properly and that your clips are in a good state of order.

That’s it for now! We hope this has given you some useful tips to follow when building your structures.

If you have any follow up questions contact us or post on our social media pages.

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