Importing Models into Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator is available on Steam, and can be used to replicate and play many tabletop games, from board games like Chess and Zombicide to RPG’s and wargames. With Terrain Tinker's 3D exporting you can create buildings and ruins and use them in many game systems. Tabletop Simulator does take a few extra steps compared to FoundryVTT.

Tabletop Simulator

In order to create the 3D asset for Tabletop Simulator, you will need to install the Unity game engine using the Unity Hub. Once you have downloaded the Hub, download the 2019.1.0f2 version of the software to properly run the converter. You can do this by downloading it from this page or on Chrome/Firefox from unityhub://2019.1.0f2/292b93d75a2c

Export your design from Terrain Tinker (or any GLTF)

Export your Terrain Tinker design using the 3D export option on the Print screen. We recommend activating Scaling, JPEG textures and Draco compression when exporting as we will be bringing the GLTF file into the unity engine to finalize it for Tabletop Simulator.

Export your design from Terrain Tinker

Converting the design into a Unity Asset

You will need to download the Tabletop Simulator GLTF Project (.zip file) for Unity. Open the extracted folder in the Unity Hub as a project. This may take a minute or two to load up.

Import GLTF Project for Tabletop Simulator

Once in Unity 2019, you can click and drag your GLTF file directly into the Assets window below the main scene. Clicking on the asset, you will find a small image of your design in the bottom right corner with “AssetBundle” below it. Click on the dropdown menu next to it, select “New” and type in the name you wish the final asset bundle to have. Right-click the design in the Assets window and select “Build Asset Bundle”. This will export the bundle to the Tabletop Simulator GLTF Project folder under AssetBundles. It should have the .unity3d suffix.

Build AssetBundle for Tabletop Simulator

Importing into Tabletop Simulator

Launch Tabletop Simulator and open a blank scene or a game you wish to play. Select the Objects menu at the top of the screen and open the components section. Select Custom, then Asset Bundle. This will generate a placeholder cube that you can set on the virtual table, then press Escape to open an editing screen for the asset. 

Import GLTF AssetBundle into Tabletop Simulator

Click the folder next to the “Main” section and select the asset bundle of your design, then click import. Your Terrain Tinker design is now loaded into Tabletop Simulator! If you need to scale the model further, you can use the + and - buttons while hovering over the model.

Terrain Tinker 3D model in Tabletop Simulator

At the moment, Tabletop Simulator will only consider one of the tiles in the design as being the model itself. Because of this, the physics engine will not recognize most of the design as tangible, and miniatures in the simulator will pass through most of the model. We recommend only exporting files to Tabletop Simulator on a layer-by-layer basis for this reason.

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