Exporting colored 3D models for virtual tabletops

With the release of the colored 3D export feature, you can now design full-color 3D buildings and dungeons for use in your favorite online tabletop simulators. In this guide we will show you step-by-step instructions to take your 3D designs from Terrain Tinker to two of the most popular virtual tabletops with 3D capability: Foundry’s Virtual Tabletop, and Tabletop Simulator.

Our colored exports use the GLTF file format which includes all the shapes, color, and lighting information for the 3D models. These are designed for use digitally and not meant for 3D printing. If you are looking to 3D print the model as well, you can create an STL file using the 3D Print option in Terrain Tinker.

Export Destinations

Click either of the logos to view our export guides!

Foundry VTT

Tabletop Simulator


With 3D online battle maps becoming more common, being able to easily create and export detailed dungeons and buildings in Terrain Tinker will help save precious preparation time for the DM and allow them to focus more on the story being told. You could even take your home games online easily when party members cannot attend since your 3D-printed dungeon will be the same in the 3D game engine. 

3D Canvas for Foundry Virtual Tabletop and Tabletop Simulator are two of the more popular virtual tabletop 3D gaming platforms, but let us know if your favorite has not been mentioned or if you are developing your own. We would love to add support and write guides for as many systems as possible!

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