Importing Models into Foundry VTT & 3D Canvas

Foundry’s Virtual Tabletop has rapidly become one of the most popular gaming platforms for online roleplaying and theripper93's 3D Canvas module brings it into 3D! You can get 3D Canvas by subscribing to theripper93's Patreon. Terrain Tinker and 3D Canvas both use the same underlying engine, so the compatibility is very good!

Foundry VTT

Export your design from Terrain Tinker

Once you have completed your design in Terrain Tinker, create a 3d colored export from the Print menu. For 3D Canvas, we recommend turning on the additional settings for Scaling, JPEG textures and Draco compression. For more information on these features, check out the article on the Terrain Tinker support page.

Export your design from Terrain Tinker

Follow these instructions to get set up with 3D Canvas:

To use 3D Canvas you will need Foundry Virtual Tabletop. You can find a list of the compulsory modules to download and what they do on theripper93’s compendium page, as well as the installation instructions here. Add your design to the Foundry VTT Data folder so that you can access it from inside Foundry.

Enable 3D Canvas in Foundry VTT

Creating the 3D map

Follow theripper93’s getting started guide to set up your first 3D scene. Simply follow the instructions to find your GLTF file in the data folder, click and drag it into the scene and it will load up. If you chose not to tick the “scale down” option in the additional settings, you will need to follow step 6 to fit the tiles to the scene.

Load GLB file into 3D Canvas for Foundry VTT

Your design is now ready to be explored by brave adventurers, with fog-of-war and environmental particle effects available as a standard feature as well as additional features like cover calculations available in theripper93’s recommended modules. Once everything is to your liking, bring in your players and have a great time!

Terrain Tinker map in 3D Canvas in Foundry VTT

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