How to export 3D colored models

Terrain Tinker now allows you to export colored 3D models for use in game engines and rendering software.

These are not suitable for 3D printing as they have lower detail for better performance and may not be manifold. If you want to export for 3D printing, please export an STL using the instructions here.

To create a 3D export from a scene, click the Print button in the top right and then press the Export button under the Export 3D Render heading.

We use the GLTF file format for our exports, bundled into a single GLB file. If you need a different file format then you can easily convert it using free software such as Blender.

Uploaded STL files will be excluded from 3D colored exports for technical and security reasons, but you can re-insert them in any gaps using the 3D software of your choice.

Some of the models we imported early on such as Clorehaven currently have much higher detail in their GLB files than later models. These will have poorer performance than later models and we will be updating them soon.

Export Destinations

If you wish to import it into another tabletop game engine we have some instructions here or you can follow their instructions:

  • Foundry VTT using 3D Canvas - read more about 3D tiles here
  • Tabletop Simulator - read more about custom imports here

Some engines will perform better than others with the models from Terrain Tinker.

If you are creating a Virtual Tabletop engine with import features, please send us an email!

Additional Settings

There are some Additional Settings available for exports to reduce the post-processing required:

  • Scale down models - scale all the models to 1/4" grid units
  • Export JPEG textures - use JPEG instead of PNG for textures to reduce file size
  • Draco compress model - use Draco compression for the GLTF file to drastically reduce the file size

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