Auto-Port Alignment

Auto Port Alignment automatically rotates models you place in your scene to be in the position where the most clips line up.

Simply drag & drop one model next to another and if the model you're placing isn't correctly rotated it will automatically rotate when you place it.

This feature can be turned off by going to File > Settings, and unchecking "Enable Auto Port Alignment".

The rotation will always be to the side that has the most clips locking together.

Auto Port Alignment is supported on most of the main OpenLOCK model types. More types will support this feature over time.

It works best with columns and single-sided walls which have a "right way round" such as A walls, L columns, etc.

Models without an obvious "right way round" (such as floors & AS walls) may rotate in different ways depending on exactly where they're placed. 

The models are not shifted at all so you may need to overlap them to trigger the automatic rotation.

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