Painting Clorehaven Tiles

With your awesome new terrain printed up its time to get them painted! Terrain Tinker has the tiles colored on the website so here is a quick painting guides if you’d like yours to look the same.

This guide covers 3 main areas of color; Schist Walls, Tudor Walls and Roof Tiles. We began with a Black Undercoat.

You should read our guide on Preparing your OpenLOCK Tile Pieces before painting.

Step 1)

  • Schist: Drybrush Army Painter Dungeon Grey
  • Tudor Walls: Heavy drybrush of Army Painter Oak Brown
  • Roof Tiles: Heavy drybrush of Army Painter Deep Blue

Step 2)

  • Schist: Lightly drybrush with Army Painter Ash Grey
  • Tudor Walls: Drybrush with Vallejo Leather Brown
  • Roof Tiles: Drybrush with Army Painter Wolf Grey

Step 3)

  • Wood: Drybrush with Army Painter Khaki Brown
  • Stucco: Carefully drybrush with Army Painter Arid Earth (we recommend using a small brush)

That’s your Clorehaven building finished! It's only a few simple steps when you’ve got large buildings to paint.

If you’d like to age the tiles, we have a bonus step.

Step 4)

Wash selected bricks, roof tiles, parts of wood and selected corners of stucco in:

  • Army Painter Strong Tone
  • Army Painter Dark Tone
  • Army Painter Military Shader

This extra step makes the building look like it's been around for a few years and has seen some rough weather and wear and tear. It isn’t necessary, but we think it looks good!

We hope you enjoy painting up your terrain and looking forward to hearing any feedback or comments you might have!

Paints Used:

  • Army Painter Dungeon Grey
  • Army Painter Ash Grey
  • Army Painter Deep Blue
  • Army Painter Wolf Grey
  • Army Painter Oak Brown
  • Vallejo Leather Brown
  • Army Painter Khaki Brown
  • Army Painter Arid Earth
  • Army Painter Dark Tone
  • Army Painter Strong Tone
  • Army Painter Military Shader

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