Share your finest designs with Terrain Tinker

Why should only your players view your amazing creations? After designing a building or dungeon in Terrain Tinker, you can publish your work for anyone in the world to view, download and print. Today we are going to highlight some of our favorites - inspirational creations both big and small that show what amazing designs can be made in Terrain Tinker.

How does it work?

After saving a design, you can click the “Share” button in the top right corner to publish it for all to see. All your saved designs will appear under My Scenes, with the option to publish them below each creation. You can add a description, any helpful tips for printing, and additional images of your creation before publishing it. Once published, it will appear with all the other shared designs under the Explore tab.

 Each creation displayed in the Explore tab will have a list of the sets used in its build so that you can match designs with sets that you own. You can choose to directly download any designs that take your fancy or modify them in the creator using the Remix button. Remixing allows you to set Print Groupings for larger designs too, especially useful when fighting room-to-room in your role-playing games.

Amazing Creations

 Below are some of the fantastic designs the community has shared. These range from full castles and buildings ready to print and play to small inspirational pieces ready to be remixed into something awesome.  

Ruined Cathedral with Buttresses by Ijhugz

The Cathedral sets make great buildings for futuristic gothic dystopias. Scatter terrain pieces like Ijhugz’s Ruined Cathedral Corner are perfect as the building blocks for a whole ruined city. The multi-leveled design allows for tactical placements of soldiers and lends to the idea of it being the remains of a once-grand building. Like many of the big buildings in this list, you can re-scale it in your slicing software or set up print groups to match your FDM printer’s build volume. 

Carnath Roadhouse by Smitha15

Smitha15 has diligently re-created the Carnath Roadhouse Tavern from the Dungeons & Dragons ‘Tyranny of Dragons’ campaign. Not an easy build, the two-story tavern is a stronghold in the wild swamps, boasting high walls, plenty of stabling, relatively clean rooms, and a large common room. It is a major plot hook in the Tyranny of Dragons story, so having it recreated so accurately for all to download is brilliant.

Avendon Castle by cjyoda78

Cjyoda has created a massive castle with full internal details! Every room tells a story in this build, from the greeting and feasting halls of the lower levels to the bedrooms and open galleries of the upper floors. This design is a great starting point for a fortified keep, and you can remix the furniture to tell your own story. The Castle set is used for most of the build, but it also uses the Clorehaven Stairs and Furniture to properly tell its story.

Small Aztec Building by psantucci

One of the newest sets to be released, the Small Aztec Building is a simple design that can be replicated several times to start filling out a Mezzo-American-themed city or battlefield. It is a practical piece that can be used as a base or entrance for a larger temple complex or battle map.

City Streets by dungeonwolf

Dungeonwolf has excelled themself with this massive diorama – a complete city section with roads, towers, and houses. There is so much detail crammed into this city block, from bridges crossing over roads, to rows of shops. There are even the libraries of what looks like a wizard’s tower at the center. Clever positioning choices were made in having the whole road section as the bottom level, with the buildings on the second level hovering over their place in the display. As stated by dungeonwolf, this is a model that needs to be printed in groups rather than as individual pieces, as sections do on occasion overlap in order to create a seamless look to the design.

These are just a few of the incredible designs that have been shared on Terrain Tinker - all inspirational pieces for designers and dungeon masters alike. You can explore the full range of designs now and add your own fantastic designs to the ever-growing collection.

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