Digital Format Manual

This article explains the new Digital format for tiles and how you can adapt your existing OpenLOCK tiles to this format.

If you have any questions or troubles during this process please contact support or join the #modellers channel on Discord


You can download all of the files needed here:

List of terms:

  • Portfaces: standard faces used by Terrain Tinker software to connect parts.
  • Portmesh: Portfaces with thickness for the Union
  • Intersection: the object we are using to cut off a thin part of the OpenLOCK object, to make space for the Portfaces

Step 1: Alignment

  1. Import the OpenLOCK object.
  2. Import the appropriate intersection object. (for example A-wall-OLD-intersection...)
  3. Align the OpenLOCK object to the intersection object.

Step 2: Intersection

  1. Make the intersection to cut off a thin part of the object around the ports.
  2. Check the intersection. There should be a small gap between the zero planes and the object.
  3. Check mesh errors. The new object should be manifold.

Step 3: Union

  1. Import the appropriate portmesh object (for example A-wall-OLD-portmesh...)
  2. Make the union to cover the OpenLOCK ports with Portfaces. 
  3. Check the union. There should be no gap between the zero planes and the new object.
  4. Check mesh errors. The new object should be manifold.


  1. Make the object single shell by deleting the unwanted shells.
  2. Visually check if the portfaces are intact, and all the OpenLOCK ports are fully covered.
  3. Make a final check if the object is manifold.
  4. Export by using an appropriate name. (for example “A-wall-OLD-schist-v1.0.stl”)

Common Issues

Boolean not working in blender


Try to make a triangulation before the boolean.


Try a decimate modifier before the boolean with a ratio of 0.9 or 0.8. Check if you don't lose any important detail!

Non manifold

Use the 3D-Print Toolbox to check if there are no Non-Manifold Edges. You can use the Make manifold button in the Clean Up menu of the toolbox, but it can damage your model.


Intersections on the surfaces of the ports can stop the boolean working. Select the intersections then use Limited dissolve. Dissolve edges could work too, but it can damage your model.

Multiple shells

Check if there is only one shell by selecting the main shell, then invert selection. There should be zero vertices selected. If there is something selected, just delete it.

Flipped normals

Recalculate normals to make sure they are facing outside.

Unions with netfabb

Netfabb shifts the vertices while calculating the boolean operations. This could prevent the files working with Terrain Tinker. It is advised not to use Netfabb for the Union operation.

Special parts

Smaller or ruined parts

The Terrain Tinker can work with less portfaces, so you can delete parts from Portmeshes. Make sure the Portmesh covers the clipholes.

Bigger or outside parts

Adjust the intersection object, but make sure to cut off a thin part on the sides where other tiles will connect.

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