What does the free trial include?

The free trial of Terrain Tinker allows you to use a base set of 104 models to try out our main features and see if the software is right for you.

You can make up to two STL exports for 3D printing during your trial to test how the models print.

You also won't have access to some of the features such as Digital Clipping, using Published Scenes or using models you owned on Printable Scenery in exports.

You can purchase Terrain Tinker from our Shop.

Feature Free Trial Full App
Creating Unlimited Scenes
STL Exports (as seperate parts or combined) Limited to 2 ✓ (Unlimited)
Model movement tools
Multi-level scenes
Scene version history
Model line placement
Room builder
Roof Scaling
Print Grouping
Get it Printed with a licensed printer
Export 2D Top down
Color 3D model export (GLTF)
Digital OpenLOCK Clipping
Use models you owned from Printable Scenery
Publishing Scenes
Using Published Scenes
Reference Images
Upload custom STLs
Export Scene model list
Scatter model placement
Automatic OpenLOCK alignment

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