Room Builder

The Room Builder lets you automatically build rooms in your scene, using walls, floors, and columns of your choice.

To use this feature:
  1. Click on the square-in-a-square icon in the top toolbar
  2. Click "Select Wall" and choose a model from the model tray to set the walls for your room.
  3. Select your floor and columns the same way, then press "Next".
  4. Click and drag to select the maximum size of your room, then click "Place Tiles".
  5. You can build multiple rooms by repeating the final step, as many times as you like.
Things to remember
  • The Room Builder works best with the main OpenLOCK wall, floor, and column types (e.g. A wall, E floor, and L column).
  • You can try any model with the Room Builder, including your uploaded STLs. You may get some unexpected gaps or rotation when using unsupported model types.
  • Terrain Tinker will create the biggest room it can within the space you draw, based on the dimensions of the models you choose.
  • You can press Escape to return to the tile selection screen

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