Sharing Platform

The Sharing Platform for Terrain Tinker allows you to publish and show off your creations or to discover and save those created by others!

Publishing a Scene

To get started and share your creations follow these steps:

  1. Once you have saved your scene in the editor you can go to the Sharing Platform by clicking the share button in the top right corner.
  2. Here you see the explore page showing the creations others have uploaded. To view your own scenes saved from the editor click on My Scenes located on the left navigation bar.
  3. All of your saved scenes from the editor are visible here and to share one and make it visible to others click the Publish button located underneath the scene's image.
  4. You can rename the scene to be published to anything you like and add a description and up to five extra images you like that can help show different views of your creation.
  5.  When you are happy with the details of the creation you can hit publish and you and others will be able to find the scene under explore or by searching for it.

(Make sure your account has been verified via email. To access many of the features of the Sharing Platform your account will need to be verified and you will receive an email when you first open the explore page. If you do not receive the email or it has timed out you are able to resend it on the Edit your profile page!)

To view all of the scenes that you have published go to My Scenes on the left bar and click Published at the top where they will all be displayed.
If you view your own scene you are able to edit the Name and Description or delete it if you no longer want it to be shared to others.

Profile Visibility

When publishing a scene for the first time you may be asked whether you would like to make your profile public which is an option that can be changed at anytime on Edit your profile page! 

If this is set to public it will allow others to see your profile username and bio along with any scenes that you have published. This will allow others to follow you to keep up with any new scenes that you publish or to view other scenes you have previously created!

Browsing Scenes

While you are browsing through other's creations there are a few features you can use:

If you have access to the models in a scene you are able to download the STL files either in parts with OpenLOCK models or combined without OpenLOCK.

If you find a scene that you like you can save it and can find it again later! You can find your saved scenes by clicking on My Scenes on the left bar and then selecting Saved at the top.

If you like the creation you find but would like to add your own touch to it you can remix the scene and open it in the editor. Even if you do not own all of the models you can remix the scene without the ones you are missing!

As well as the above features you are able to post comments on published scenes to show your appreciation for other's creations! 

If there is a comment on one of your published scenes you will receive a notification via email with the comment and a link to the scene that was commented on. If you do not wish to receive the email notifications you can turn them off on the Edit your profile page by unchecking the tick box "Receive Notifications" and clicking update.

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